Crown & Bridge

crown-bridgeUDLnyc believes in offering the latest in ceramic technology and conventional materials to fabricate our Dental Crown and Bridge Restorations to achieve the most esthetic and durable restorations. We understand your patient expects high quality dental crowns and bridges from you the dentist, and we are here to help you exceed your patient’s expectations every time. At UDLnyc we use only the highest quality Porcelain, IPS e.max, Zirconia and cast materials to accomplish realistic looking restorations without compromising durability.


removableRemovables are often an affordable and less invasive alternative to replace missing teeth compared to other tooth replacement options such as implants.

Partial dentures are ideal for patients with at least one natural tooth remaining in their mouth. Partial removables help the patient maintain a beautiful smile but also keeps the remaining natural teeth from shifting. Our high quality removables can correct several dental issues to ensure your patient feels excited about their smile again.

Dental Implants

At UDLnyc our implant specialists work closely with you to plan the ideal implant treatment in the best interest of your patient. We offer support on all major implant brands and custom implant hardwares for the optimal fit and function.  We are committed to using the latest in manufacturers’ hardware for implant restorations.

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