Full Dentures

At UDLnyc we provide a unique custom arrangement of denture teeth based on patient age, desired tooth shade, masculine or feminine features and natural tissue contours. We customize every case for a comfortable, functional appliance that provides the patient with a lifelike smile embodying their individual characteristics.

Partial Dentures

We design our removable partial dentures using your clinical information and personal preferences. Strict attention to detail, coupled with quality materials and techniques, results in precise clasp adaptation and retention for each framework. Our partial dentures can be designed with conventional metal or esthetic clasp applications, as well as combination crowns with attachments.

  • A very cost effective tooth replacement
  • Noninvasive treatment
  • Long lasting solution
  • Available with esthetic clasp options

Temporary Acrylic Partial (Flipper)

You can rely on our team’s many years of combined expertise to design and fabricate an Acrylic Partial that you’ll be proud to provide to your patients. Acrylic partials are a great economical way to provide a temporary solution to missing teeth.

  • For temporary replacement missing teeth

  • Cost effective tooth replacement

  • Functional temporary for implant placement

Flexible Partial

With better aesthetics and hygiene, it’s no wonder that flexible partials are the premier choice for doctors and patients alike! With no metal framework to hide the aesthetic results are immediately appreciated. Flexible partials restore function and aesthetics during the transition to more long-term and definitive tooth replacements.

  • Flexible clasps in tissue shade

  • Resistant to staining, fading, and odors

  • Superior esthetics and hygiene

  • Thin and translucent

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