Why Choose Us For Your Implant Cases?

Dental Implants are an ideal solution for replacing missing teeth, bridges or dentures and the next best thing to natural teeth. Although there are a number of restorative options for the treatment of missing teeth, none have proven to be as functionally effective and durable as implants. In many cases, dental implants may be the only logical choice for the restoration of all necessary functionality of the teeth and supporting structures. At UDLnyc we have the knowledge, tools and experience to provide you with a full treatment plan for your implant cases.

We Offer The Latest In Dental Implant Options

Screw-Retained Restorations

Custom Abutments

Restorations Over Implants

Retrievable, cement-free and durable, screw-retained restorations are a convenient, hygienic and predictable restorative option. Easily removed without damage to the crown, screw-retained implant crowns provide convenient access for restoration cleaning, replacement of prosthetic screws, and assessment of the soft tissue and adjacent teeth. They are the optimal choice in clinical situations where limited interocclusal clearance is a factor or residual cement is a concern. Screw-retained restorations offer exceptional esthetics, and are the perfect fit for a wide variety of challenging prosthetic circumstances.

Custom Abutments are available in Titanium and Zirconia with Titanium Base to fit your patients’ individual needs. Custom Abutments are precisely milled using CAD/CAM technology to facilitate a natural-looking emergence and optimize soft-tissue contours and crown esthetics. This precise interface also ensures comfortable delivery of the final restoration and excellent gingival health. Custom Abutments are compatible with most popular implant systems and are competitively priced.

We are experienced in completing your most challenging implant cases from start to finish. To best support your every need, we have created a dedicated full-service dental implant department of specially trained technicians to restore your cases. As part of our implant services, we can provide you with not only Custom Abutments, but with the final crown or bridge restoration for your case. We offer a number of options to complete your implant case, including traditional PFMs, Full Contour Zirconia, IPS e.max® and more. By working with you from the planning stage to the final restoration, we can ensure excellent tissue compatibility and optimum esthetics for your patients.